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The Knit Pants..

Taye Hansberry where is H&M net flared pants.

The Knit Pants. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have been married to our everlasting sweatpants. The pants that we all went out and purchased in droves, probably about mid pandemic and are still wearing to this day. But never fear, I’m here to tell you there is an alternative. A very chic alternative.

The knit pants..

There’s something about a pair of knit pants. They are super casual yet super chic. Very wearable and quite diverse. The flared knit pant is the alternative to the chic sweatpant.

I myself have been wearing them often trying to get out of my sweats. Don’t get me wrong I love a good pair of baggy sweatpants with a stacked pair of sky high heels. It’s not as if you haven’t seen me wear this look over and over again in the last two years… but I’m here to tell you, I have also been wearing the knit flared at pant.

My pushing of this look does not come without heavy real world research of my own. I have in fact been wearing this trend.

… and this is why I love it

Throw a pair of heels on, a pair of boots on, a pair of sneakers on and a big blazer and you are ready to go. Easy dressing is my motto. Also depending on what climate you’re in opt for a T-shirt under the blazer, a sweater, I love a good turtleneck under a blazer or a crop top, that’s right.. under a blazer. In the realm of knit pants the fashion world is your oyster.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorites for you to shop including the ones I have on… And lucky for all of us, many of them are on sale.


Looking forward to seeing all of you in your new super comfortable world oystering knit pants.

Love Always, Taye

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