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Am I the only one who is lacking total motivation to work out in this new year?

Allow me start this post off by letting you know that this is me about a year ago. Not a few months ago, not recently and not years ago. I repeat this is not my current body. OK now that I let you know that, onto the subject at hand…

We now find ourselves on the 17 of January 2022, and I myself have not worked out once. I need to know if I’m alone here….?

…Because I cannot be the only one. When I was a kid my mom would always consistently tell me one thing. If you’re thinking of something, there are 100 other people at that moment who are thinking the exact thing you are. With that philosophy in mind, I ask again..

Am I the only one who is lacking total motivation to work out in this new year?

I look back on these photos of which the date I took them I just can’t remember. It was about a year ago. I’m hoping to gather some type of inspiration motivation from none other than myself. Don’t get me wrong, I was on a really good streak July to November. Then I took a trip and that streak just died. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

This happens often. You’re motivated, you’re working out and then you take a trip, leave for the weekend, miss a day or two and for some reason your brain shuts off to the workout like it never even happened. Then you start to see photos of other people and workout videos of other people plunging into their workouts and your brain starts turning. For me it does not serve as motivation.. sometimes it serves as an opening to beat myself up.

With that said, I have found over the years that nothing gets me more motivated to workout than looking at old photos of myself to know what I am capable of.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in the best shape of my life even in these photos. I’ve been in way better shape over the years, but as of late, this is the best shape that I’ve been in and this is the motivation I am looking to. Baby steps! Get back to this and then maybe move forward getting back to the better shape that I was in before.


I read this Instagram post a few weeks back talking about New Year’s resolutions. I’m not going paraphrase the entire post but it was basically about keeping your goals in the short term. Long term or huge goals can sometimes seem daunting, causing us to fold them up and put them into the back of our mind for fear of actually not reaching them. But if you write down small goals, they’re easier to achieve, less stressful to achieve, less chance of folding them up and banishing them in the back of your mind.

There’s nothing wrong with small goals. If you have five small goals you can achieve them. If you have one long-term goal and that goal scares you to the point of not think about it after you’ve written it down, what’s the point right?

So I’m here to say this is my short-term goal. Workout again to the best of my ability, with the body I have now, with the multiple injuries, with the mind I have right now, with the energy I have right now, with the heart I have right now and with the spirit I have right now in the hopes of actually reaching them. Then I can set a few more small short term goals. This in the long run will lead me straight to my long game. Who’s with me?

Love, Taye

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