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Hello… 2021.. how to style a blazer dress

And so it begins.. 2021 the year we have all been waiting for.. but before we get started here in this first blog post of 2021.. can we just say hello 2021 and acknowledge for a second .. those of us that were alive in the 80’s.. that 2021 is pretty much the year (or close to) that every sci-fi movie made in the 80’s was set in.. and with that acknowledgement I would like to know where all the flying cars, plastic and metal clothing and human like android people are hiding? My goodness were we off in those movie predictions..

Okay now that I have that little tidbit off my chest.. let’s talk about this look. Easy as Pie ( although being someone who has attempted to make a pie.. that phrase always alludes me.

I digress..

Back to this look. A blazer.. A dress.. and boot’s. That’s it.. It actually took less than a minute to formulate this look and less than a minute to put it on.. Actually that’s not true.. I unfortunately polished my nails right before this shoot.. ladies you all know what I am talking about.. The ever so careful buttoning of the buttons..

Okay now for the good stuff..


DRESS: Cath Panamae | BOOTS: Yuul Ye | NECKLACE: Short and Suite | RING: Short and Suite

Happy New Year..

Love, Taye

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