By Taye


Just Some Morning Thoughts on Insecurities and being a Black Influencer in a White world.

Throwback Self portrait circa 2015. (from an Instagram post)

Back then I would rarely tell you that most of my beauty shots were self portraits. For some ridiculous reason, even though prior to blogging, I made my living as a photographer, I thought I would not be “taken seriously” as an influencer if I did not in some way conform. That somehow brands would not think I was “professional” enough if they knew that 70% of my photos were self portraits. Taken by me, alone. No huge productions, no hair and make up..

You see I was (and still am) a Black influencer in a very White and very new career and I did not get most of the opportunities that my counterparts did. Constant uphill battle. So half my struggle was making sure that EVERYTHING had the appearance of being “professional”. To the point of not revealing this very part of my talent (a talent that at the time made me very unique) and sometimes crediting others for my work. (Talk about self sabotage, SMH)

Looking back it was a strange insecurity, both handed to me and self inflicted. At that time all the huge bloggers had amazing photographers that took their photos and in my mind that was one of the things that made a blogger “creditable”. Actually I was told by the gate keepers, that that was what made a blogger credible..

The funny part is, these photos.. the ones I took of myself, received most of the praises from the PR companies that were and still are responsible for the invites, the lux gifting (that still evades most Black influencers myself included) and the handing out of the paying jobs. Ironic.. Looking back it was and still is quite a mind fuck! Just thought I would share what was on my mind when I came across this photo this morning…. Love you all..

Love, Taye

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