By Taye


Acid Washed from the 90’s

The return of the summer two piece.. Acid Washed from the 90’s…

Flash Back:

Me.. Sixth grade. Hair not so strategically lightened with Sun In. Bangs teased. Half pony to the side complete with scrunchie. Oh and head to toe Acid Wash denim. Those were the days when peering through magazines where all the super cool actors and celebs were wearing everything that a gal at that age totally wanted and aspired to have. Back then our social media consisted of our very own phone line (which to my utter world ending dismay, my mom never allowed me to have) and peering through the latest teen mag and vogue ( I was always a bit advanced for my age) while talking to one of several “best friends for life” for hours about what our next epic outfits would be.

Thus revisiting this epic trend with a modern adult twist makes so much sense.

Cut to 2020..

High waist, easy loose fit, cropped jacket, and super soft texture, all an ode to the 80’s and 90’s with a fresh spin. This seems to be a thing with me lately. Revisits, spins and two piece sets. Mix in a simple sleeveless tee or mock neck and you can dash. For those shuttering at the thought of a mid section reveal in the form of a crop top, never fear. Your top does not have to be cropped for those who choose not to show their mid-drift. A simple tuck will due and the easy chic-isms still apply.

With that said… shop this set and some other acid washed looks below.


JEANS: AG Jeans (on sale) | SHOES: Sigerson Morrison | SUNGLASSES: Versace via Sunglass Hut |TOP: ZARA | BAG: Nanushka

Love, Taye

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