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Crunchy Pecan Maple Syrup Pancakes

Pecan Maple syrup pancakes

Full disclaimer.. this crunchy pecan maple syrup is the pancake syrup my mom used to make me as a kid. So when making pancakes for myself for the first time I naturally called her. She walked me through the recipe and the steps to make it and it came out so good I had to share. Also because sharing is caring and since we are all quarantined.. Sunday brunch can essentially be any day of the week.

This syrup recipe is super easy. You will need your own pancake mix. Personally the boxed kind is alright with me. Unless you are one of those amazing humans that knows how to make pancake mix from scratch. My mom used to do that. I however was not blessed with that gene… so boxed pancakes it is!

How much maple syrup you make depends on the amount of pancakes being served. This is for a single serving of about 3 medium sized pancakes. (pictured above)


1/4 cup of raw pecans
1 1/2 tbs of butter
1/4 cup of syrup Pure Maple Syrup

Chop pecans into small pieces.

In a small dry pan.. toast the pecan pieces until they are golden.. usually a few minutes on medium to high heat.

When toasted turn heat down between medium and high and add the butter and let it melt completely. Coat the pecan pieces completely in the butter.

Then let the pecans and butter sit on the heat for about thirty seconds and add the maple syrup. Cook together until slightly bubbly and a little sticky. Remove from the heat and add a little more syrup or as much more as you like..

Pour over the top of your pancakes and serve.

Happy Quarantine Brunching..

Love, Taye

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