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Jacket or Dress

jacket or dress

Is it a Jacket or dress?

I think I said this on my Instagram last week.. but I’ll say it again. This right here is the first time I have ever been able to wear a jacket as a dress. Yay! Hashtag tall girl problems! With that said.. I am all into this new world of jackets as dresses for me. This particular beauty from H&M has made the rounds in at least three outfits since I got it a couple weeks back.

jacket or dress

While my vertically challenged fellow bloggers gals have enjoyed this incredible hack for years now.. the 2020 trend f oversized just about everything has very beautifully allowed me to be a part of the jackets as dresses crowd.

jacket or dress

I have to say that I am not one to want to be a part of the crowd but this party was one I have desperately wanted to be a party of now for years. Yay! It’s the little things that can easily make my day.

Also here is anther fun example of seamlessly mixing fast fashion with the cool designers. A practice that I have been a part of practically my entire life. Well okay not my entire life.. that last bit was for effect..

Moving on to the uber cool Anine Bing over the knee boots. The minute I laid eyes on them it was love. Small kitten heel for walking and wide leg for comfort. I have knees on the bigger side so boots tend to stop at my knee even if they a re intended to go further.

Paired with this Danse Lente bag that has also made several rounds in my daily looks since I got it see the previous post HERE .

All three combined make this simple easy to navigate look a winner. Or at least I think so.


JACKET/DRESS: H&M | BOOTS: Anine Bing | BAG: Danse Lente

H&M wool jacket
jacket or dress
jacket or dress

Love, Taye

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