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Healthy Recipe Tuna By Taye (No Mayo)

Healthy Tuna Recipe no mayo

I rarely post about food I make, because I really never make any food. But with present circumstances many of us are now forced to find our inner chef and this Healthy Tuna Recipe just happens to be in my arsenal.

I will say that although I am not too shabby in the kitchen.. I probably have not cooked consistently in about a decade. Yep you heard that right .. ten years of eating out and ordering take out. On the rare occasion when I did cook my on the go lifestyle just didn’t allow for a whole lot of time to cook elaborate meals.  So most of my recipes consist of meals that can be made in about 15 minutes or less.

With that said.. I took a poll on my Instagram stories and asked if you all wanted the recipes to the quarantine food I have been making and it was an overwhelming YES.

So here is the first of my #ChefTaye series.

I’ve been making this tuna recipe for years.  I never really understood the tuna recipes that had all the mayonnaise and eggs mixed in.   Don’t get me wrong,  I am a mayo type of gal.   I just don’t want it in my tuna.  And after years of not really eating tuna.  I decided to take matters into my own hands. Literally.

This tuna recipe is simple and super healthy..

All you need is
1 can of unsalted fresh water tuna (feel free to use fresh tune if you have it)
2 or 3 table spoons of Olive oil (or as much as you want to your liking)
Sliced  bell pepper (raw)
Sliced red onion (raw)
Juice of a fourth of a lemon
Red Pepper (two shakes)
21 seasoning Salute (or any all purpose seasoning) ( about 6 or 7 shakes)
Sea Salt (a dash to taste)

(recipe for one)

In a small bowl Mix the tuna,  red onion, bell pepper with a fork,  breaking up Tuna chunks.  Add 21 Seasoning salute, Sea salt, and Red pepper.  Mix to distribute spices.  Then add Olive oil and Lemon juice.  Mix all together and taste.  Add more of any ingredient to adjust to your liking.  (I usually end up adding more olive oil).

Spoon onto a plate and serve with crackers or toast. 

Healthy Tuna Recipe no mayo

Love, Taye

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