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7 Core Rules to Getting Sh*t Done Now That You Work From Home…

7 Core Rules to Getting Sh*t Done Now That You Work From Home.


It’s Monday yet again..  and many of us struggling from the joys of the weekend get up,  mostly likely after the 8th time pressing the snooze button,  shower,  grab a quick snack and stumble often one eye open to work outside of the home.  

THAT WAS TRUE ABOUT A WEEK AGO.. Oh how life can change from one day to the next.

For now while the entire world comes together to fight the spread of Covid 19 aka the Carona Virus the aforementioned way of life is pretty much on hold. FOR EVERYONE!

The good thing is there are a bunch of us that on a regular basis call our home our office.   So we can help ease your mind with tips and tricks to get all of us through this time. Raise your hand if this applies.

 I’ll pause..

Great, if it does please do everyone you know a solid and fill them in on your tips and tricks to get through the day. Or you can just send them the link to this post.

7 Core Rules to Getting Sh*t Done Now That You Work From Home.

Okay put your hand down now and start texting, after your read this article of course.

Moving on.. or jumping back into the subject at hand..  I gotten a lot of questions about working from home over the years.  How I like it?  If I get anything done? 
I have to say that when I first started working from home it was a huge struggle.   Believe you me,  the amount of distractions at home will entice you to get absolutely no work done.   With that said and after a really really long time of allowing the distractions of home to actually distract me I decided to adhere to some rules…

So here they are..  

7 Core Rules to Getting Sh*t Done Now That You Work From Home….

Now keep in mind these are foundation rules and you can build around them to meet your needs.

1.  LEAVE YOUR BEDROOM.   When I started out  I would wake up and immediately attempt to handle stuff from my bed.  Now listen carefully.. I actually do this now some days.. but this is because I am super seasoned in the art of working from home.  If you are a newbie this first rule is incredibly important.  

2. SET UP A DESIGNATED WORK SPACE.    I actually have a room in my place that is an office.. but if you don’t have that no worries.   Set up a desk in your living room or even section off a part of your dining table and designate it as your office space.  DON’T PUT AN OFFICE IN YOUR BEDROOM.. the comfy bed is way to tempting.

3. HAVE A TASK LIST EVERYDAY.  Create a list of tasks that you want to complete everyday.  This is for when you do get distracted,  which will happen no matter what.. you always have a list to get back to.  Head in the clouds.. look at list.. it will snap you right back into place.

4. LEAVE YOUR HOME AT LEAST ONCE A DAY.  Okay so Obviously in these times this part is a little tricky. Let’s talk that quarantine life. Long walks away from other people are pretty much the only way to go. I find this to be super important for a recharge.  Especially now.

5. PLAY MUSIC.  Now this may seem trivial,  but a super quiet work space is actually super counter productive.  Music stimulates your mind.   Which stimulates your creativity, your drive and your ability to focus.  Just like you listen to music to get you through a workout listen to music to workout your mind as well.

6. FACETIME OR GET ON THE PHONE WITH FRIENDS.  Now this has nothing to do with actually working.   This right here is vital to keeping your sanity..especially if you are one of the millions of people who live alone. Did you know that almost 30% of Americans life by themselves?

7. DON’T GET DOWN ON YOURSELF.  This is the most important.  Don’t get upset if you veer off one day.  There is always the next day to get right back on track.

These are just my core rules.. modify to your life style as need.


What are some of your most important rules for working from home?

Love, Taye

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