By Taye


Leather on (P)Leather

Leather on Leather

Spring is coming up.. color is about to pervade our lives in every way, but until then, I so love and all black, Leather on leather moment.

Leather on Leather

This look reminded me of the Matrix. This ASOS Leather jacket (I sized up to a 10) is super sexy in that bad B***ch kind if way. FYI did you hear they are in production on The Matrix part 4. I feel like we could all use a little bit of Bad Ass Keanu Reeves in our lives..Can’t wait!

Anyhow what was I saying? Oh yeah.. This look reminds me if he Matrix.. that or actually a 1990’s R&B video.. either way I love it


Leather on Leather

Leather with leather is quite popular these days and I am here for it. These N:Philanthropy Leather Joggers are a great way to incorporate vegan leather pants that you will actually wear into your wardrobe . FYI if you are not a leather wearer, faux leather or pleather as we used to call it is perfectly acceptable. I have even been known to do combinations. This look right here is a leather and pleather combo for the win.

Leather on Leather

Remember to add a little pop of color .. In this case a red lip and the blue handle on this Danse Lente bag did the trick… Because we don’t want to look like we are in mourning.

JACKET: ASOS | PANTS: N: Philanthropy | BOOTS: ALDO | SUNGLASSES: Hugo Boss | BAG: Danse Lente

Leather on Leather

Love, Taye

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