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The Skin I’m In..The products I use on my face

The products I use on my face

So many of you have requested that I write a post about the various products I use on my skin and as I was sitting yesterday with no make up on.. hair pulled back in a not so perfect bun, I caught a glimpse of the afternoon light and decided to take a few shots of the skin I’m in.

This morning I woke up and said today is the day to write this post.. with real and raw photos.. No filter, no photoshop or facetune.. Just me, my skin and some good light.

So without making this long and boring.. I will list below all the products by category in my current arsenal..

I switch between these products because my skin tends to not like one thing too long.. so I trick my skin into soaking up all the benefits of each product by going a week or two on and off of each one.. Using different combos. Kind of like switching up your workout.

(click each photo to go to the link and read about the products)





DayTime Moisture

Daytime Serum


Feel free to DM on IG with any questions.. @tayehansberry

Love Taye…

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