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How to style an Oversized Blazer

I am one to always wear a blazer. Summer, winter, fall, spring.. you find me.. you find me wearng a blazer. So how to style an oversized blazer is subject that comes quite naturally. While summer may be technically “over”.. (Personally I am still trying to figure out where?) The Blazer is not!

The Blazer will never be over.. least in my book. For me and countless other fashion and non fashion obsessed humans, blazers are, well, a go to all year round type situation. This Frame Denim Blazer is one of my current faves and will for sure make it to fall and beyond..

What to pair a blazer with…?

Believe it or not.. I actually wear my blazers as tops about 70 percent of the time. I wear them both belted and not belted, with a bra and without. Now you can of course wear a top wit them.. I’m into bodysuits, crop tops (with a higher waist pant of course) and the good old go to.. the turtleneck. Any of these choices will add an element if chic to your “blazer with a top look”.

The secret to a blazer as a top is size.

This is where the “How to style an Oversized Blazer” comes into play. You want the blazer to be a couple sizes “too big” for you. For example I normally wear a size 4 or small/medium . When I buy blazers, I normally buy a 6 or 8 and sometimes even a 10. That is three sizes up. Also depending on how tall you are, an oversized blazer can double as a dress. Sorry tall ladies, the latter hardly ever applies to us (sad face).

Oversized blazer are tres chic and very in style. Thank goodness! Now we can consume as much pasta on a date as we want and the food baby is no issue!

SUNGLASSES: FENDI | BLAZER: Frame |Hat: Brooklyn Hat Co

Love, Taye

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