By Taye


The Timelessness of a slipdress..

I am at the point in life and my wardrobe where I can safely say that I have had items for over a decade. Now before the visions of hoarding float through your head, yes I “may or may not” be a fashion hoarder.. it just so happens that right now I would lean towards the “may be” a fashion hoarder section of that last sentence. But back to the actual point of the post..

Like I was saying I am at the point where I can safely say that I’ve had items long enough to know the difference between trends and timeless. For my wardrobe..

Timeless is the slip dress through and through…

I have slip dresses from 10 years ago and slip dresses from this year in my closet and I wear them all equally, because like a good cold remedy from your grandma’s cabinet, a slip dress seems to always somehow work.

With that said, I have searched out some amazing slip dresses that you can buy now an essentially wear for the rest of your life and they best part is that most of them are on sale! Who doesn’t love a good sale?

(40 years from now) HEYYY Grandma in the vintage slip dress…yasssss!


DRESS: Spell and the Gypsy

Love, Taye

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