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5 Luxe Hair and Body Oils to Give You That Travel Glow

As someone who lives to travel to tropical destinations quite often.. I love to travel with products that can serve duel purpose. Oils are one if those beauty products that should be used while traveling. Both your hair and body take a beating while basking in the sun and playing in the sand. Whether you are the traveler who stays poolside, where the chlorine and sun work together to reek havoc on your hair and skin or you are a beach and salt water kind of traveler. Both scenarios require your hair and body to be greased up.

When it comes to oil I tend to splurge a bit.. and I’ll tell you why. Oils are one of those products that can either nourish you and make you look great.. or break you out in the worst way. Obviously we would all like to stay away from the latter.

I put together a list of 5 of my fave luxe oils that can serve the duel purpose. These are from brands I trust because I have at one point in time used something from their lines regularly.

BIKINI: The Upside Top Bottom

Love, Taye

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