By Taye


Track Suit and Heels..

The 80’s

The Tracksuit is no new thing. In the 80’s it was over sized and shiny. Jackets and squishy pants that made that scratching noise anytime you took a step. Ladies all over the world were announcing themselves just by the sheer act of walking before they entered the room.

I remember my grandma cruising in her convertible red two seater 500 SL Mercedes in the coolest tracksuits, oversized sunnies and huge 80’s streaked blowout!

The 90’s

In the 90s it was even more oversized versions. Often paired with tiny crop tops and sneakers or even boots. Often only the joggers being worn. Both equally amazing for their repetitive era’s.

So this post is dedicated to the modern track suit. The track suit that you can rock with heels and sunnies and feel like a million bucks. Stylish and cool.. and did I mention oh so comfortable!

I put together a group if my faves for you to shop below..

Tracksuit pictured by AFRM

Love Taye

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