By Taye


The Chateau and a Woman in a Suit

Try to stop a woman in a suit and find out that she is unstoppable.

Taye Hansberry

I was going to start this post with a witty wonderful quote about women in suits that I planned on finding on the web. However after an exhaustive search for a simple quote about a woman in a suit, I actually never found one! Not one!

There were plenty of quotes about the women of Suits (the tv show and plenty of quotes about men in suits.. but nothing about women. So after I picked my jaw up off the floor in disbelief that in the year 2019… well nevermind!

I just decided that since I can’t find a quote.. I will create one… Hence the quote above.

If you follow me regularly you know that I love to wear a suit! Not simply for it’s ease or for it’s chic factor, but for it’s power as well. Go somewhere in a suit, anywhere, and see how confident you act and feel. It’s a game changer.

I recently had a reading from an astrologer and he said that I have a “masculine mind”. He meant it as a compliment, I took it as a compliment and I could not agree more. Masculine mind.. love of power suits.. explains a lot.

Alright, I am not writing this post to tell you all about me, but to help you chose a suit. Sometimes the wrong suit can make you look like you are working in a very stiff corporate environment. I am here to tell you that not all suits have to be black white and or navy and not all suits have to look like you are taking lunch at noon sharp because you loathe your life. There are alternatives… There are plenty alternatives and those alternatives will have heads turning.

Chic in a suit

Chic in a suit is timeless. No matter what the trend, my number one rule with a suit is that it cannot be tight! I repeat .. NO TIGHT SUITS. A suit that flows, a suit that moves and a suit that lays well is the ultimate in flattering.

This Fame and Partners suit is a perfect example.

The day I wore it I was stopped so many times by women and men to tell me how much they loved my look. I was even stopped by none other than Bruce Willis to tell me how nice my suit was. HELLO! When Mr. Die Hard himself takes a moment to complement your suit… well what can I say!

How to wear a suit?

You may also notice that most of the time I don’t wear tops under my suits.. but rather turn the blazer into the top. I LOVE THIS TREND. Often enough the fabric of the suit is thick and structured so that you can either forego a bra or allow just a bit of the bra to peek out. Make sure if you choose the latter it’s a pretty bra. No need for shape wear, foam cupped bras here.


EARRINGS: Mignonne Gavigan | SUIT: Fame and Partners | BAG: Aimee Kestenberg | SHOES: Raye The Label | SUNGLASSES: Valentino vis Sunglass Hut | NECKLACE: Miranda Frye

Love, Taye

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