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What to wear in Tulum: Rose Gold?

Rose gold in Tulum

There are times when a dress can just make you feel like a million bucks.. and I mean actually like a million bucks.. at least momentarily. This April evening in beautiful Tulum, on the rooftop of the Casa Pueblo hotel, in this rose gold ALC dress was for sure one of those magical moments. It was hot and humid, yet I had not a care in the world.

the art of the dress

I believe it was around 2005 and when I declared that year of the dress. At least for me. I tried my hardest to only wear dresses. You see, I have always been a slacks or jeans and blazer kind of gal, so you can imagine the tug of war I actually had with myself that entire year. I think my success rate was about 50/50. Not bad! I mean I guess that is like an F if I was in school.. but for me in 2005 it was an A+. Please don’t ask where that logic came from.. I literally pulled it out of thin air.

So while thinking about what to wear in Tulum , and while I am not quite declaring 2019 the year of the dress. I may declare the Summer of 2019 the season of the dress.. At least 50/50.

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Love, Taye

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