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How to wear Trends in Neon..


I can honestly say that neon is most likely here to stay through the summer at the very least and I for one am completely on board. I have been wearing a variation of the hue for the last couple months. Like, nails to clothing to makeup. For instance, there was a day a couple months back where I called myself having a relaxing Saturday at home and then I decided to open a Zara Email. $800 dollars and two orders later, this ZARA Neon satin skirt was among the boxes that arrived 2 days later.

If you follow me on Instagram… wait a second.. I’m realizing that some of you may not..

I’ll pause for you to head over and follow me there. I mean you get all kinds of fun little treasures if me on Instagram.. Taye first thing in the morning. Taye with zero makeup. Taye just saying and doing way to much haha. @tayehansberry is the handle..

Okay now that that little bit is handled.. lets get back this post.

So if you follow me on Instagram you have seen me wearing neon a lot lately. This little number I fell in love with. The idea of wearing matching shoes to my neon skirt was so much fun and here’s the thing about neon, neon is almost a neutral. Meaning it goes with pretty much everything. In the past few weeks I’ve worn neon with black. I’ve worn neon with brown. I’ve worn neon with stripes and I have worn neon with white. I just about wear it with everything.

Pair your neon with this The Kooples pink summer sweater and a Givenchy Bucket Bag and a whole look is born.

Little side note, when I had neon nails I thought I was going to get so sick of them and actually winded up loving them because, you guessed it, they went with everything.

Okay so I’m no longer going to bore you with these details let’s get straight to it.

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How are you guys feeling about to neon

close up of givenchy bag with neon green ankle length skirt and neon strapy sandals
woman with a neon mid calf skirt and pastel pink sweater

SKIRT: Zara | SHOES: Zara | SWEATER: The Kooples | BAG: Givenchy | SUNGLASSES: ASOS

Love, Taye

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