By Taye


5 Self Tanners I Love and Use

One of the most frequent comments I get both online and in real life are about my skin tone.

Namely my Tan..

Which often times people have no idea that..

1. I am tan 2. How much effort I put into staying that way.

I was for sure not born this way. When it comes to color I for sure naturally land on the really light to grossly pale side of things. And I am a woman of color.

Way back in the day…

When I was in my teens and early 20’s I would actually lay out for hours in the sun with nothing but coconut oil or sun tan lotion and let my skin do it’s thing. I recognize that I tan really easily and that I don’t burn. Yet, on the flip side, just as easy and fast as I tan is just how fast that tan seems to disappear. Like that it’s gone.

So a few years back I decided to try out self tanners and spray tans. I love a great spray tan but they can be expensive and not accessible. So I had to find another way. It has been a journey. Believe me..

Not all self tanners are created equal.

Some are full of chemicals and bad ingredients that break me out into tiny little white head rashes all over my upper body. Either that or I would turn orange. Neither was good.

So once I found a few that didn’t break me out, gave me a great bronze natural looking tan and didn’t smell totally horrible, I stuck to them. I’ve been a nice year long brown ever since.

Below I am sharing 5 of my faves. Note: I can only speak of the ones I have actually tried.

Hope this helps in your Summer and year long tan journey

Love, Taye

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