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How to Wear the Same Color Head to Toe

I know we are in the midst of spring and everyone is posting shorts and sun dresses. However, I have to say it is still quite cold in many places around the world. So I thought I would post this half spring and cold weather look because it’s a double whammy. In other words, winter on the top and spring underneath. How can you go wrong? I don’t know that you can. For example, add a super spring trend like this ASOS headband and you can take variation of this look all trough the next season.

Wearing color from head to toe

Another idea I have fully embraced in the last few months is head to toe color. I have taken this monochromatic/ matchy matchy thing to the next level, at least in my mind. You can basically take the idea of head to toe color an apply it most colors. I have to say that I LOVE IT! Let me repeat.


Matching your look is so fun and incredibly easy. Variations of the same color mixed together is a no brainer. For example, the reds are not exact in this look but it works. The great part is that most of us have more than one piece in our wardrobes of the same color. Which means that you may only need to buy one or two extra pieces or even just accessories to complete the look. Like I said before, headbands are a great place to start because you can get a lot of them fairly inexpensive. My favorite place to by head bands right now is ASOS. They have a awesome variety to play with.

Note: Black is the color where he black should match exactly. That’s just my thing.

So as the temps are still chilly cover up your new spring dress with a coat and as it warms up shed the coat and enjoy.

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SUNGLASSES: Spilt Milk | DRESS: Elliat | EARRINGS: Maria Black HEADBAND: ASOS | BOOTS: Stuart Wietzman

Photo’s: Mike Paradise

Love, Taye

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