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Neon Pastel Eyes and Faded Lips.. Spring Make-up

Trends come and go and every spring a new trend comes into our lives that we either run with or run from.

and this spring a huge trend is NEON!

It just so happens to be neon everything, like clothes, shoes, nails and my favorite, MAKE-UP! Yay! As a result of this years burning trend, I have embraced neon make up full force. With that said I’ve been experimenting for couple months. I am loving every minute of it and have had no mishaps yet, that I know of. This is where I would insert the big teeth smiling emoji for effect. I tend to judge my mishaps by the amount of people who say..

“OMG I love your make up”

If enough if these from complete strangers in random places at different times happen then I must be on the right track and trust me I have those days where people just stare.

So what are the rules to Neon?

I would say there are some, not many, but some rules to neon makeup that will hopefully keep you from looking like you traveled back to 1982 and got spit back to 2019.

  • Less is more. What do I mean by that? Don’t apply with a heavy hand. Start with a little and build slightly if you must.
  • When in doubt just use the color as an accent. If a full lid of neon is a little to much on the trend train then a simple swipe across the lash line or a slight wing will do.
  • Keep the neon to the eyes. I have not come across a neon lipstick that is appropriate for anything outside of week one at Coachella. As a result I say keep the neon hues to the eyes and nails IRL or In Real Life.

..And with these rules I also suggest keeping the lips to a very faded pop. In other words not too much color on the lips and this Givenchy Lip Balm is so perfect for this. It’s a two fold. A lip balm with a good hint on semi saturated color and as a result you get a nice pop with just enough color.

With all this said, for this look I used the Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions palette to make this neon pastel mash up for my eyes. There are palettes you can buy that have amazing neon colors and I have added a couple to the shop section of this post.


SHADOW: Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions | LIPS: Givenchy

Get out there and experiment..

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