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When it comes to beauty trends.. diving right in can be the scariest thing ever.. questions arise.. like …

WHAT THE F**K am or was I thinking?

Believe me, I am a beauty blogger and that question often comes up in my head.. sometimes making it out of my mouth.. when I am alone of course.

Anyhow! This is what I am here for.. to try all “the things” so you don’t have to try “All” the things. Get it?

With that in mind.. A few months back I was introduced to a brand called Huda Beauty. Now just so you understand Huda Beauty is a HUGE world wide brand and I actually cannot believe that I am just now trying it. Which begs me to ask the question..

I can’t be the only one. Can I?

So here is where the excitement of trying stuff out comes. Finding a new brand. Finding a new brand that is INCREDIBLE. Finding a new brand that’s incredible that you want to use everyday!

So rather than preach further.. Will list everything I used to create this look.

Eyes: Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions | Blush: Nars Taj Mahal  | Lips: EM cosmetics | Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Mini Lip Strobes | Foundation: RMS Beauty “un” Cover Up | Lashes by Bare Skin by Jenna

Nails by Basecoat Nails

Jewelry: The last Line (ear cuffs, chain earrring, diamond stud, love necklace) | Bauble Bar (large rainbow drop earrings)| Sydney Evan (magic necklace)

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