By Taye


The Bandeau Bikini AKA “The Under Boob” Bikini

Let’s chat leopard on leopard..

Actually just kidding…let’s chat about this new Bikini trend of …

“The Under Boob”

That would be the opposite of cleavage right? Or should we call it

“Under cleavage?”

yeah….Doesn’t quite have the same ring..

Under Boob…

I know my mother would be so much happier with the latter phrase as she loathes the word Boob! I don’t particularly mind it.. but either way you call it, it is for sure a trend… and does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. I would say nine times out of ten these days after ordering my swimwear online… (yes I actually order swimwear online.. trust me it’s way better than the torture of a dressing room) under boob is a feature. Especially if you are any size bigger than an A cup.

Okay so how do we feel about this trend? I will be blatantly honest.


exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation!!!

But then just like that on a recent trip to Mexico I succumb to this Nasty Gal banbeau leopard bikini top and leopard high leg high waist bikini. See my post HERE on the latter trend.

Here’s the thing about under boob. With cleavage (at least mine) I am often excessively aware of it. Like it’s right there, in my face, in your face, like every time you look down. On the flip side, with under boob, you get the same sexy.. without the continuous awareness.. SUPER SUBTLE.. at least to the person it’s on… And look at me now… Look at me now.. I’m gettin under boob! (in my best Chris Brown voice)


So with all that said.. what are your feelings on the new Under Boob bikini trend? HERE FOR IT? or OH HELL NO?

BIKINI: ASOS | COVER UP: Zara Similar here | SUNGLASSES: Marc Jacobs via Safilio Group |LIP BALM: Winky Lux

SHOP Banbaeu Bikini’s

Shot at the Towers at Pacifica, Pueblo Bonito in Los Cabo, Mexico

Love, Taye

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