By Taye


Florals and Sparkle

Who said sparkly clothing is just for the night?

Listen ladies and gents.. It’s 2019.. We are alive and in the words of my 95 year old grandma.. We ain’t getting any younger!

So with the beginning of the year upon us, I say let it all shine day and night. So here goes.. where are the rules you say? I say make your own! ….And if you feel like making your own entirely (fashion wise that is) is a bad idea.. just know that By Taye is always here for a little inspiration and guidance.

With that said.. let the guiding begin…

For a long time I considered most floral to be very.. Hmm how can I put this lightly? Well.. DULL! Somehow with but a very few exceptions floral made me feel like I was transported back to the role of a suburban housewife circa 1952. All well for those who love that, but for me, NOPE. Okay here is where I tell you, floral.. done right, styled right and worn right are AH-mazing!

DRESS: Finders Keepers| BOOTS: AF Vandevorst | Sunglasses: DITA |BLAZER: Smythe

Exhibit A! This Finders Keepers floral dress, these uber glowy, glitter boots that just give me all the feels, the bright green velvet blazer and well a little confidence sprinkled into the mix.

What I like about these florals?


That’s what makes them feel modern.. And modern florals are EVERYTHAAAANG!

So what have we learned today? Be bold, be bright.. and for now check the tiny florals at the the door.


-Love, Taye

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