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Because nothing says Bad Ass Spring Girl Boss like Hearts and Chains..

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I learned a new Phrase this weekend.   Well at least it was new to
me.  Decision Fatigue..  But before I get into that I want to start
this post on a different note…

Lets start with Spring.

Spring is right around the corner .. 8 days to be exact.. and with that said.. let’s talk about some spring cleaning.

Now this is a fashion blog and I recognize that.. but spring cleaning our minds goes right along with spring cleaning our closets.   Don’t get me wrong I am absolutely writing this post before I have even begun to Spring clean my anything.  My hopes are that I inspire myself with my words along with inspiring you. 

Can we get a huge Monday morning Yay for inspiration!!  YAY!

Okay so here is what I will say.   Clean out the clutter in your closet and it will help clean out the clutter in your mind..  or it will at least help you get dressed faster in the morning.

This is where my newly learned phrase comes into play..

Decision Fatigue..  I am going to define this in my own words simply because I can’t remember the exact definition I was given.  Also,  so I don’t send you or myself into more depths of confusion,  I  am going to define it in fashion terms..  Hey, go for what you know right?

Here we go..

Decision Fatigue (the Taye “Fashiony” Definition)  

“When you have so much *ish in your closet that you think you have nothing to wear.”

I know.. not very technical.. but you understood it right? 

Allow me to further explain..  Most times when we say we have noting to wear while staring at a full closet of amazing purchases,  it’s not that we have nothing to wear..  It’s that we can’t freaking (for lack of a better word)  decided what to wear.. due to fashion Decision Fatigue.

I have actually diagnosed myself with this (super clinical I know),  But sometimes I like to go off of pure common sense.. because a least 4 out of the 7 days a week I absolutely CAN NOT figure out what to put on while staring at a closet.. actually three closets and 4 rolling racks of clothes.  Garage sale anyone?

So what’s the solution?  Or a temporary one until we all get bigger houses?  Spring Cleaning!   Just get rid of it.  A lot of it.  If you have not worn it in 2 years.. toss it.. or better yet,  give it to good will..  Let’s not forget to pay it forward while we are in the process of bettering ourselves.

With that said.. Here’s a new look for the week.. a little Springy black and white.. Because nothing says Bad Ass Spring Girl Boss like Hearts and Chains..

What do you guys like to do when Decision Fatigue sets in?

Pants: I Am Gia / Sunglasses: Quay /  Backpack: Adidas /  Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff (similar)

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