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How to Make the Perfect Cocktail to Nourish and Style your Curls..

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Everyone knows I am a huge blowout kind of gal..  but lately I’ve been tapping into my younger Taye days and not getting blowouts as much.   So in starting to wear my curls again I’m discovering some new products that I’m loving at the moment.. 

 …And every curly girl knows that it takes a cocktail to “nourish” those curls..     I used to use the word “tame”,  but as the years have passed I’ve discovered that I actually don’t mind frizz and big unruly curls..  There is nothing wrong with them..  

So with that said.. here are some of the products that I am loving lately to help nourish my curls..

I broke it down by category


When it comes to a blowout you want to cleanse with good old fashion shampoo.  I mean who doesnt love the sound of squeaky clean hair right before a good blowout?  A really clean head allows for your blowout to last longer.    However when it comes to curls and textured hair..  It’s the exact opposite.  You don’t want to necessarily strip your hair of all the oils.. so I tend to stick to cleansing conditioners or co-washes.  Here are a few of my faves..



Now just because you use a co-wash does not at all mean not to use a conditioner..  I notice a lot of the directions on co-wash make it seem like cleaning conditioners are shampoo and conditioner in one..  but trust me it is not and your curls need every bit of that nourishment that a mask and conditioner provide.  Here are some of my faves..


This is where the cocktail comes into play.  Any girl with curls will tell you it takes a village of products to nourish and style.  I have never come across one single product that does the trick alone.  It’s just fact.  The general rule is that you want a leave in conditioner (preferably a cream),  an oil of some kind, a gel or holding product of some kind,  a pomade for those edges and a hair spray to complete the process. Here are some of my faves in this category

Love your curls and feed them just like you do your body.

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