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Learning to Relax.. How Taking Vacations Can Add to Your Life and Health.

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Now that the holidays are officially over and flu season is coming to a welcome end.. at least for me it is (thank goodness) because this Flu has kicked my butt to space and back..  Anyhow, what was I saying?  Oh yeah.. Now that the holidays are over I have been thinking about another kind of holiday.  The kind that involves unwinding.. relaxing.. and letting your cares go for a period of time.  

How many of you plan actual vacations?

Like the kind that involve you doing nothing but sipping something sweet on a beautiful beach with nothing but your favorite book and the white noise of the ocean to rock you into a deep sun filled mid day nap!  I was thinking about vacations and the kind of vacations I love and the aforementioned are my absolute favorite. 

You may be wondering why is she talking about this and when will be the point in this post where she tells us what products are best for our skin or what trendy swimwear we should buy.  This is not one of those posts.  Never fear, plenty of those on the horizon.. But for now I just want to talk about taking a breath.  Learning and accepting how to rest and allowing ourselves to actually rest.

The other day I overheard a conversation where someone was saying how they didn’t like to travel if it involved sitting around and doing nothing..  And I say we as a society don’t allow ourselves a break.  It’s okay.  In fact it is imperative to your health and quality of life that we allow our bodies time to recover from everything we put ourselves through mentally and physically on a 24 hour basis.   Yep I said 24 hours because if you are like me I am subconsciously thinking about all the stuff I need to do even while I am sleeping.  

It’s super trendy now to boast about how non stop we are,  how we “can’t stop, won’t stop”.  Yet statistics are showing that we as a society especially Americans are having higher rates of anxiety and depression, more heath issues and lower immune systems,  large in part to the fact that we just won’t give ourselves a break!  

If you can’t take a vacation, book yourself a Staycation.  Travel a few hours outside of where you normally dwell and allow yourself to be distracted by the things you don’t want to normally be distracted by.

 Take a Stop Day.. Hec.. take a stop week or weekend and just do nothing.  Your  mind and body will thank you!

I want to know your thoughts on this subject.  Are stop days realistic?  In this day and time, are vacations realistic?   Let me know either here or over on my Instagram…

Happy Wednesday Loves!

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