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How to Style a Oversized Coat..

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I tend to like clothing that is a bit oversized..  The inner 90 year old in me chooses comfort about 90 percent of the time.  Seriously every trip to the store to shop for new goodies ends up in my asking at least three strangers if they think whatever I have on is too small.. often with them saying.. umm actually looks a little big.  That is where I adjust my brain to realize that indeed the item may be a bit big and me buying it anyway. 

So the last few years with the resurgence of the ‘Boy” or “Boyfriend” coats and jeans I have actually found myself in fashion heaven.  Me and my inner 90’s year old that is.

So what do you do when styling in the realm of the oversized?  I say there is a general rule if you don’t want to look like the mini Tom Hanks walking back to his real life at the end of the movie BIG.  The general rule is to pair your Bigs with some Smalls.   Let use the look as an example.  Big coat, Big jeans, tied up tee.  See how that works?   Making the tee the SMALL of this look balances out the BIG..   I know what you may be thinking.. what if I don’t don’t want to show my midsection?  That is an easy fix.  Either a baby tee or just tie the top right above the waist of the jeans.

Anyone else have a thing they consistently do with fashion?

Coat: Theory / Jeans: Anine Bing / Tee: N:Philantropy / Shoes: Who What Wear collection 
 Bag: Salar 

Photos: Mike Paradise

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