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6 Steps to Voluminous Giant Curls..

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I’ve had quite a few hair styles over the years.. and I get asked about every one of them..  but by and large this style is the one that gets the most questions.

Voluminous Curls..

I call this my in between…
Sometimes I wear my hair naturally curly.. Most times I wear it blown out and this is what I like to do in the in-between.   Since I get so many inquires about it I thought it was time to share the products and tools I use to get this look.

6 Easy Steps..

1. Rough dry or let your hair dry naturally.  If your hair is extra curly at the roots, dry it in a low ponytail this will calm the roots a bit. 

2. Section your hair into three sections. Bottom, middle and top.  Use the silver clips to secure. nMist  thermal protector on each section.  Do not saturate.

3. Start at the bottom and section into 2 inch sections.  Wrap each section around the wand to create a bigger curl/wave. Continue until you have curled your entire head.  It takes me about 10-15 mins.  When you get to the top section make a deep part on one side.

4.  Once you are done let the curls sit for a few minutes to cool.

5.  Apply a dime size amount of  Oaui Finishing cream while separating and scrunching your curls.

6. Once all the curls are separated hair is the volume you desire.. bend your head upside down and spray with the R&Co Flexible hair spray..  this is the best hairspray for curls because it does not make you hair stiff at all.

My hair usually last like this for 2-3 days.. with touch ups in-between..

Below are the products I use  and love for this style.  I adore the T3 wand but I also added some more affordable wands as well.


What products do you live by for loose curls..?

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