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White on White in Maui..

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The Look
Top & Pants: C/MEO Collective
Earrings: Nissa
Sunglasses: Alice & Olivia
Necklaces: Nissa
Shoes: Chiara Ferragni Colleciton 
Photos: Angie Silvy


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So I wrote an entire blog post.. yep just about 2 minutes ago I pressed the publish button and poof.. Not only did it not publish.. but the entire post disappeared along with all the links to shop..

So with that said.. I am human and fuming right about now.
It was about Fun Summer wardrobes, which I at this moment cannot being to rewrite.  Not only because it will not be the same, but because I AM HUMAN and fuming.  Also because I have another post to write now.   So what I will do is add the links so you can shop this little number that I love so much.. and then I am going to take moment to myself to meditate and get zen.  Just breathe Taye.. BREATHE

Haha.. starting to be able to laugh about his now.. but I am still not rewriting this post..

Let this be a lesson to myself and hopefully to anyone reading this to ALWAYS copy and paste your post in your notes..just in case.. because this is not the first time this had happened to me.

Hope you all understand..

Human vs Technology..

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