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It’s been 7 years..

Top and Scarf: Who What Wear Collection for Target
Photo: Angie Silvy

Two days ago I got an alert on my phone.. It was someone on Linkdin congratulating me on my work anniversary.    I was sitting in my car waiting for an appointment.. answering emails as I often do in my car between appointments (parked of course for those who just got a tad bit concerned about my safely)  and there it was….the alert!

For a good 10 seconds I was thought to myself what could this alert be talking about.. and then it hit me.  

April 14, 2010 at 8:57pm I clicked the publish button on my very first blog post.  

I remember thinking what am I doing?  Why would anyone read this?  Why would anyone but my Mom care.. and I actually wrote that..  As I so often just write exactly what I am thinking without filter.   I remember I was filled with a rush of all kinds of emotions.. fear.. anticipation..wonder.. curiosity…

…Yet with all those thoughts and emotions, I also thought to myself…  This could be really cool and just like that the excitement overrode the fear and Stuff She Likes was born…  For the last 7 years I have nurtured and raised this baby of mine… and this baby has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined.

So here is where the universe comes in..  I am currently in Maui..  Yep that’s right.. I skipped Coachella.. pause for reaction..

Okay I’m back…

As I was saying.. I am currently in Maui.. and this morning.. on the 7 year anniversary of me starting the adventure that would change my life forever  for the better, I woke up at 5:30am got dressed and walked down to the beach to participate in a traditional Hawaiian Sunrise Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony.  

We all gathered together… People young and old from all walks of life.  We chanted traditional Hawaiian chants (well I listened since I did not know them) and then walk into the ocean to let the waters of the earth cleanse our spirits of anything we wanted to let go of while inviting everyting we want and are currently thankful for.    

With every brush of waves that washed towards me I released and let the water carry it all away.  As I watched the sunrise with all these wonderful people from around the world I thanked the universe for sending me on the path to start my blog… 

In the last 7 years I have become the woman that I am.  I am stronger than ever.   I am more confident in myself, in my beliefs,  in my values and in my abilities to anything I want and so much of that has to do with this journey that has been Stuff She Likes..

What a journey it’s been..

You see,  my blog brought me to  Maui.   My blog has carried me so many places that I may have never seen.  My blog as carried me to incredible people I may have never met.  My blog has carried me to all of you.. And best of all my blog has carried ME to ME…

I thank all of you from the very bottom of my heart for taking this journey with me.  I seriously can not wait for the next 7 years of love, laughs, fashion, travel…and  the STUFF WE ALL LIKE.

Love, Taye

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