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How to Buy a One Piece Swimsuit for Your Body Type

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The beauty of a one piece..

There is something so sexy about a one piece bathing suit..   I have learned in the last few years that all like with any item of clothing the right one piece in the right shape for your body can be so much sexier than any skimpy bikini..

So here goes..
I wore a few one piece suits during my trip to Tulum earlier this month and I found that those one pieces aside from the slightly strange tan aspect came in so handy when eating.. drinking.. and doing those oh so normal activities that we all love to do on vacation.

So here is the trick.. because not all one pieces are created equal.. and the last thing you want to do is look like you are on the swim team on your vacation.  I have a “three part rule”

There are three parts to a one piece that and any one piece you buy should have at least one of.  Wait you got that?   Because that last sentence confused me a little bit.  Ha!  Okay,   The idea is to find the feature on the suit that best suits your body, because we all have a body part that stands out from the rest.

To put it simply.. make sure your one piece has one of these features..

Plunging Neckine.  Low Back.  High Sides.  Color.

1. Plunging neckline.  A sexy neck line on a swimsuit will take it to the ext level.   If your best feature is your neck and chest,  Play it up.

2. Low back.. This is almost a requirement for every suit.   A low back allows for sexy straps and cute cross straps.. which can make any suit worthy.

3. High sides..  You got legs?  This will make them look about a mile longer..

4. Color..  This goes for every suit ..  know the color that enhances your skin.   For example,  I love wearing blue IRL (in real life.. for those that were like huh?)   Yet a blue swimsuit on me.. not so much!  I try to stick to white, bronze,  pinks, blush and black…  they all enhance my skin color..  So find the color that makes you glow..  It may not necessarily be the color you love for everyday.

The One Piece

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