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Spring Monochromatic…

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The Look
Sweater: Designers Remix
Skirt: By Johnny
Shoes: Marc Fisher
Sunnies: Westward Leaning
Bag: YSL (in gold)

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Monochromatic… it’s nothing new.. but then again is anything in fashion really ever new?  I would say no.. but that does not ever mean that we don’t love it.. and don’t obsess over it.. 

Think about it.  When was the last time you saw a person dressed in all white and said” eww I hate that look”..  I am guessing the answer is NEVER.
Same with black head to toe or grey top to bottom.   Again the answer being NEVER.   A total look of pastels or soft spring florals.. it always seems to look so great and put together.. call it the fashion laws of physics.. but it works every time..  Okay there maybe few exceptions .. I’m talking to you neon etc..

So those mornings when you find yourself staring at the abyss of your closet and all the clothes in it  yet seemingly have absolutely nothing to wear.. Go Monochromatic or choose a pallet in the same color family.. always chic.. always easy.. 

Happy Wednesday..
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