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5 Reasons to Love Matcha..

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I know there are quite a few of you who follow my everyday shenanigans whether on Snapchat, Instastories or Instagram.. and I would say 4 days out of the week you all get up up in the morning with me and get a glimpse as I’m making a steamy hot tea called Matcha.   A while back I decided that  I was going to drink coffee half as much and the other half would be Matcha.  

So I thought I would share my 5 top reasons for loving and drinking Matcha on a regular basis..

1. Energy.   Because Matcha is whole green tea leaves ground into a fine powder it has almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee but without the coffee jitters.

2. Great for your immune system.  Matcha has antibiotic properties as well as containing
Potassium, Vitamins A & C, Iron, Protein, and Calcium.  So unlike coffee Matcha contains essential vitamins that your body needs..  I for one could use more iron and protein.

3. Speeds up your Metabolism.   Green tea is known to increase metabolism and help your body burn calories four times faster than normal.  I like to have a Matcha about an hour before a workout.

4. Detoxifying.  With all the pollutants in the environment, fun habits like coffee, happy hour and my fav donuts upon more donuts, we all could use a constant flow of detox.   Because of the way Matcha leaves are harvested and produced they retain Chlorophyll,  another green liquid that you see me take on a regular basis.  In turn that helps eliminate heavy metals and chemical build up in our bodies. Which helps clear you skin, rejuvenate cells and keeps your system ticking.

5.  It tastes really good.   Once you taste a great Matcha you will understand its subtle yet distinct flavor.  I like to add a little honey to mine along with steamed almond or coconut milk..  Makes a great matcha latte

I put together a list of Matcha Starter kits that will get you started on your Matcha journey..  Along with the Milk Frother that I use.  It’s easy to make at home..  Don’t forget to write me to let me know how it goes..

Happy Matcha making!!
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