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Warrior Mode.. & A little note on V-Day..

 The Look
Sweater: St Roche (on Sale)
Choker: Dylan Lex
Leggings: Peony & Me
Shoes: Iris and Ink
Bag: Alexander Wang
Sunglasses: Perverse

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NOTE:  As I was about to publish this post I came to the realization that it is Valentines Day.  I guess because I’m not in a relationship it sort of slipped through my consciousness because I am not presently dating someone or in a relationship..  But before you read the rest of the post..( written prior to today)  I have to say that the Universe always has a way of making things work.. whether they make sense or not..  The idea of me being in “Warrior Mode” is absolutely the case.. in all aspects of my life including that thing called love… 

So before you read on.. Let’s give a big fat cheers to both the universe and the subconscious for whom most of the time are right on track..

Happy Valentines  Day to all the lovers out there.. single and in relationships.. because we are all LOVERS..

Okay now back to the actual post written before the blurb above…

 I have to say I was in “Warrior Mode” when I decided to throw on this particular look.  I’ve always said that my mood dictates my style from day to day and this day as with many days since the year began, I have absolutely been in warrior mode.  Feeling like I have to be tough and for sure being tested by the universe.. and I welcome that..  But for now lets stick to the look..

I have been living in leggings lately.  Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.   Probably a little of both.  Good for my comfort level.   Bad for my sense of keeping my body in check level.  All you avid legging lovers know exactly what I mean..  Unlike denim,  leggins don’t cut off your blood supply when you eat that extra bowl of pasta..

Never the less.. a statement sweater.. a good pair of sneakers..  great leggings and don’t forget a bad ass choker and you are good to go…

What makes you feel like a warrior..?

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Warrior Mode..

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