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6 Red Lip Colors I Am Currenly Obssesed With..

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Wearing NARS Velvet Lip Glide
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There are a few blog posts that I feel the need to refresh and repeat yearly simply because they are constant staples that will never go out of style.  Red lips are one of those posts.  I have probably posted at least 4 posts on red lips.  So what new and exciting things can I say that I have not said already..?

Really nothing.. But my current faves.. Some that I have always worn and some new discoveries..

So without further ado..

6 Red lip colors I am currently obsessed with..

Now a couple tips to prepping and applying.

PREP: Always prep a few minutes ahead of time with a good lip
balm.  Put on more that you need while you are working on the rest of
your face.  Two of my current fave Kopari Coconut Lip love   and  La Mer Lip Balm

APPLY: Wipe of excess lip balm. Grab a good red lip liner and line
and fill in your lips (optional).  Blot excess. The apply your red lipstick. Blot
excess.  Then apply again.  This helps to ensure that you have a good
few hours of wear before signs of needing to apply more.

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