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The 3 Secrets to Picking the Perfect Bodycon Dress..

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Dress: Lavish Alice on sale
Sunglasses: Self Portrait x Le Specs Edition Four Sunglasses
Boots: Zara (similar on sale)
Jewelry: Tacori Sonoma Mist Collection
Photos: Mike Paradise   

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With the end of the year only days away it’s the time to try things that are uncomfortable and uncharacteristic.. because once January 1st hits we all hit the reset button.  So I thought why not do something I rarely if ever do.. Enter the world of Bodycon and this little number had me at hello.

So here where my initial feelings.. and if you follow me on Instastories or Snapchat you will remember me saying this..

Initial feeling..  
“I’m looking super Kardashian right now”.  And I have to say I actually like it..

Let me tell you finding the right bodycon dress is no small feat.   So here is what I discovered in my quest for the right bodycon dress.. FABRIC IS EVERYTHING.   The fabric of this dress is thick..SUUUPPERRR THICK!   Thus it hides stuff and holds you in.  This has been my issue with bodycon dresses for years.   I for one do not have a perfect lump and bump free shape and I think I speak for most women when I say the thought of bodycon is super scary! But it absolutely does not have to be..

Here it is.. The 3 factors you should always look for…
 1. Thick Fabric.. Especially why the dress is a lighter color..  
2. Ribbed.. Because ribbing acts like one of those Snapchat beauty filters.. 
3. Tight.. Bodycon shoud FIT YOUR BODY!

So in these last few days of 2016..  Try something you normally would never do.. Who knows it may become your thing in 2017..

Trying it before 2017..

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4 responses to “The 3 Secrets to Picking the Perfect Bodycon Dress..”

  1. The dress color is so beautiful on you!


  2. Sara Nena says:

    it is indeed the perfect body dress. so sexy

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