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8 Super Cool Saint Laurent Bags on Sale Right Now..

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Now I am not one who feels the need to buy expense high ticket items.  Don’t get me wrong ..I like them but I don’t “need” to have them.  I like to think of myself as a high/ low type of gal.  Only buying things that I actually adore from anywhere I find something super cute.   Over the years even before this business of blogging came into my life I’ve added a few handbags to my collection that I absolutely adore.. and this week I just added one more.  

Now I like to keep things super real here on Stuff She Likes..  No posturing here..  I am not the girl who has a bunch of super expensive bags laying around.   I have a few that I have collected over the years and they sit on the shelf right next to my $20 dollar bags.. because again I only buy stuff I love.. 

Okay now let’s get really real.. I am not the girl who can afford to buy a bunch of super expensive bags either.. So this time of year happens to be my favorite.. because with sales abundant to start up the Holiday season its a great time to snag that one unique high ticket item that will stay in your wardrobe forever…  and last week I did just that … I bought my very first YSL.. and I could have gone for the “classic” but I thought why not go for the “cool”.. because this cool will be a classic..

So I thought I would put together a list of 8 really cool Saint Laurent aka YSL  bags that are on sale and will be in your closet for life..  The one I snagged is now sold out but trust me you will love the options..

Because why should I be the one having all the fun!!


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