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Off the shoulders on Elia Beach, Mykonos..

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Photo’s: Kate Keyt

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 In honor of the record hot temps that have been swarming the major cities of America this Fall… (Can we pause and just say global warming)  I thought this the perfect time to head to the beautiful Beaches of Mykonos here on the blog..

Among so many,  one of our amazing stops with Royal Caribbean was Elia Beach..  after partaking in the most delicious l Mediterranean meal..  Margarita included in mine of course.. an afternoon at the beach was absolutely necessary.   Clear cool waters, beautiful mountains,  a drink or two later and this little photoshoot was born.

This was definitely one of my favorite days..

Being a California girl born and raised I crave the ocean.. and seeing the beautiful oceans of the world is on my list of do’s..   Like must do’s.. Like over and over again if you can.   On my trips to various oceans of the world I have come to two conclusions..

No two oceans are alike yet they all share the same serine, calming wow factor..  
Bring me to an ocean any day of the week.. 

Elia Beach, Mykonos

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