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The “Supreme Years” Skincare and NYFW with Artisrty..

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It’s that time again folks.. Yep.. New York Fashion Week is here..  Along with all the fun, the shows, the no sleep and the lattes that come with it.   Now if you have been an avid reader of Stuff She Likes you know that I’ve been attending Fashion Week for the last 4 years and you all have definitely  taken that wild journey with me.

For me NYFW is not only the place where we get to see what’s next in fashion, but also what’s next in beauty.. and with beauty comes skincare.  While admiring the flawless makeup on the models strutting the catwalks we often miss the fact that their skin under that make up is flawless as well.   What do they do.. how do they do it?

I am making it my mission to find out.   With that said I am super excited to announce that  this year I am partnering with Artistry Skincare for New York Fashion Week  and for the U.S. launch of their Supreme LX Line to take you through my Fashion Week skin journey and to bring you live coverage from the amazing Pamela Roland fashion week show to get a glimpse into how fashion and skincare go hand in hand..
Now you guys know that I am majorly about prevention and rejuvenation through skincare..  And since I was a teen I have been no stranger to it..whether it was getting rid of acne or trying to minimize the copious amounts of oil that would stream from my pores on a daily basis..  I think most of us can relate..

..And now that I am an adult,  well past those oily teens years and through my 20’s where I along with most of the population in their twenties proceeded to bake in the sun, sleep in my make up, strip my face of essential oils, drink tons of coffee and partake in the usual twenty something shenanigans that wreck our skin for the years ahead.. I am uber happy to be into my “Supreme Years”.

Okay you are most likely scratching your head saying to yourself as you read this.. Supreme Years?

No worries. Allow me to explain..

The Supreme years are those awesome years between your 20’s and your 50’s that seem to never get love.  I say why shouldn’t our 30’s and 40’s be recognized?   Often they are the two decades in life when huge life decisions are made.  We completely come into our own as humans, and most of the time absolutely look and feel our most confident both inside and out.

So it’s odd that many beauty products are geared towards women in their 20’s and the skip right to women in their 50’s.    Artistry Skincare thought that it was time for those precious years in between to get their very own love and I for one am all for it.

So throughout NYFW and over the weeks after that leading up to the U.S launch of the Supreme LX skincare line  follow my journey on all my social channels to start having the conversation.  I can’t wait to share my Supreme Years journey with you and along the way hear all about your journey through where you are in your Supreme Years.. Lets all take this journey together.

 *in partnership with Artistry Skincare

 The Supreme Years..
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