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How to Pick the Right Swim Suit for YOU..

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So yesterday was all about the cover up and today is all about what’s underneath.   Swimwear is such a (pardon my French) BITCH sometimes..  Picking the right swimsuit is a task that I absolutely dred..  And  I have to say that I don’t actually know anyone personally that loves the process.  Here is the thing about swimwear.. It”s like a brutal truth session..  Unless of course you are 20 years old.. which I absolutely am not!!!!
So here is the deal.. SWIMSUITS are never going to be perfect and we are never going to fully feel perfect in them.. but here’s the good part.. once we get over that ladies.. the world of swimsuits is our oyster!..
This post is not about “how to hide your flaws”..

We all have them.. this post is about picking a suit that you love.. that you feel good in and that will actually want to where..

So per usual.. I have a couple of universal pointers to picking the right one for you..
1. Like it.  This is important.. The color, the fabric, the shape..
2. Go a size up on the the bottom.  There is nothing worse that a suit that digs into your skin .. it doesn’t look good and it certainly does not feel good!
3. Pick a suit that shows off what you got.   So for me triangle tops that tie around my neck make my boobs look wayyyy better than they really do.. so you will most of the time find me in a top that ties around my neck and back.  If low waist looks best on you.. don’t wear high waist no matter what the trend is.. because the best trend in Swimwear is the trend that make YOU look hot as F*ck. 
Now get out there and pick a suit that you love because the quicker you do that .. the faster you get to the beach..
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below..

Picking the right swimsuit..

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    Super beautiful! I did a bikini post/shoot a few weeks ago, and it was so frustrating and gave me so much anxiety in preparation for the whole internet seeing my half naked body! But you look so amazing and beautiful just as you! Love love love~

    Check out what's New on #TheIndieGirl!

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