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How to Choose the Best Perfume for You.. 4 Steps to Live By.


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The idea of giving perfume as a gift has always confused me just a little.. and believe me I have given and received more than my fair share of perfume over the years.. but as I get a little older and encounter more and more people in tight spaces with way  (a)too much perfume on and (b)perfume that absolutely makes them smell terrible, I have come to understand the simple ins and outs of picking the right perfume…

Now of course it has everything to do with the smells that you like.  First you do actually have to like the notes of the scent.  But I have learned that a close second to us actually liking the perfume sprayed on those little paper swabs that they so graciously hand us in our favorite department stores, the perfume actuality has to smell good on you.   Here’s the thing, perfume automatically changes with your chemistry.  The minute you spray and it touches your skin a metamorphosis begins and what you get in the bottle is suddenly a whole new ball game on your body.

Example… you ever smell a friends perfume on them and love it.  Then go out and buy it.  Only to get home and realize that you actually can’t stand it?  Welp ladies and gents… I give you chemistry.

So to avoid this I have 4 simple rules to picking the right scent for you..

1. Smell them all.   When you are at the department store, spend a little time.  Smell everything they have to offer.  Utilized the little bowl of coffee beans that cleanse your nose and then smell them all again.  Yes it’s a process people!

2. Narrow them down..  Take your three favorites and spray.  Spray them in three different spots on your body and implement the smell test.. right away you will hate one if them.

3. Get Samples.  Most department stores will give you samples of your faves…and if those pretty little ready made samples are not avail ask them to make you a sample.

4. Try Your samples at home… Take your samples home and on two separate days try them on completely alone..  You want to live in them for a day..

The one you love best is the one for you..

How do you guys like to pick your scents?

Getting Perfumed..

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