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H&M and Bloglovin’ Mentorship Day Recap.. A Diary of Photos

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“Arm Party”  That is one of the first thoughts that come to mind when I think about Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller,  and it’s that simple yet super quirky phrase that helped catapult her into the force she is now.. Forever keeping me and millions of others in awe of her brilliance.. Obviously there would be more awes to come from this powerhouse influencer, but “Arm Party” is what sticks in my mind!

I am thinking a little back story may be in order for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about.. but first let’s “front story” .. Umm is that even a phrase?  Probably not.. but I’m going for it anyway..

Alright for the purposes of this blog post..

Front Story..

To my sheer glee, excitement, joy and elation I am one of 5 nominees for the H&M and Bloglovin’ Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year award…  PINCH ME NOW!   Okay now pinch me again!

Alright now that the pinching is out of the way.. Let’s chat “The Mentorship Day”
Last Monday I along with the other nominees for the award where flown out to New York City to spend the day at the H&M New York Showroom and HQ to be mentored by non other than The Man Repeller aka Lenadra Mendine aka Superwoman aka Mama Incredible!

What a day!  First to be flown to NYC… To be put up in the cute Hotel Americano… To meet the other incredible nominees, laugh and bond with them all day..  To see the amazing H&M Showroom, the entire new H&M Fall Studio collection.. To meet the amazing staff ..and last but not least to spend the day learning and having all my questions (and I had quite a few questions) answered by the OG blogger who pioneered this business I now call a career.  HELLO!! Pinch me again!

Now the question that I know you all are dying to know..

1. How was The Man Repeller..?

2. What did she tell you..?

3. What did you take away from this experience..?

Here is what I will say..

1. Leandra is amazing!  So open and honest about her career, her path to get where she is today and the fact that she too is still figuring out this ever changing baby business called blogging.

2. She dropped all kinds of gems that seriously opened my eyes both to stuff that I have been doing and practices that I need to quickly implement to take my career to the next level.   She chatted with us about being malleable and accepting and rolling with change (something that I always talk about here on Stuff She Likes).  Leandra also said something that I had never heard before..  “Fail and Fail fast”.  This concept really resonated with me.   We are all so afraid of failure,  that even when we recognize something is failing we often won’t just let it fail.  We hold on until the last drop.  I am very guilty of this!   Leandra opened my eyes to this simple concept.. When you fail at something dive in and do it fast.. That way you can be done with that portion of the program and move on to the successes!  Brilliance!

3.  I took away so many things from the day of mentorship.  Soaking up lessons from a successful, eloquent, beautiful, quirky, brilliant, creative business woman who is one of the spearheads of Blogging.   I got to experience first hand that the entire H&M and Bloglovin’ teams are absolute sweethearts.. and most of all I understood that I am indeed on the right track.

There are definitely times.. more often than not when doubt creeps into this path that I find myself on.. and I am guilty of allowing seeds of doubt to be planted into my energy by those who either don’t understand what I am doing or those who seek to derail what I am doing for their own reasons.  I walked away from this day with a renewed sense of confidence that I will keep with me forever.

So with all that said..

You guys and gals now have the ability to support and VOTE for me to become the H&M’s Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year.   In September I will come back to New York to attend the Bloglovin’  Awards ceremony where the winner will be announced.  You Can Vote Once a Day until the awards Yasssss the Oscars of blogging..  Did I already say pinch me?

I could not be more excited and humbled by all of these opportunities and what lies ahead..

Back Story…

In know.. I know… I was suppose to give you a back story..  but after writing this post I feel like  I should keep it short..

More of a Back Sentence…

Lenadra.. AKA  Man Repeller coined the phrase ARM PARTY.  Subsequently used by EVERYONE in fashion.. and I mean EVERYONE!   I say we bring that phrase right on back.. What do you guys think?

The H&M Bloglovin’ Mentorship Day…..

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16 responses to “H&M and Bloglovin’ Mentorship Day Recap.. A Diary of Photos”

  1. Yuka says:

    how exciting! This is such a great moment and Leandra seems so down to earth. I'm so happy for you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Such a beautiful post! What an amazing experience with one of the modern day industry's biggest icons!

  3. Ana Peres says:

    Oh my, sounds like you had such a fun day 🙂

  4. Kathy says:

    What a great opportunity you've been given and I loved this post 🙂
    Kathy x

  5. Sara Nena says:

    I am super jealous and I wish you the best… In any case you already won…for example before the nomination I didn't know your blog 😉
    New bloglovin follower
    <3 <3 <3

  6. Love the story! What a dream for all of you. Your dress so worked for you. Very natural style and elegant. Enjoy the ride……..from a fellow blogger on bloglovin!

  7. jane says:

    Love the story and the dress!
    What is the name of the dress? Price, etc?
    I want to getit!!

  8. nice photos.have fun and live like that your life!

  9. Congrats! You looked amazing, thank you for sharing! 🙂 xxx

  10. congrats, this is amazing. Where exactly do we vote?

  11. angusmum1 says:

    Where do we vote?

    • TayeTaye says:

      Hey.. On my side bar at the top there is an icon with a Pic of me.. click on that and it takes you to the page.. Thanks so much

  12. Such a great life experience! Almost surreal 🙂 Thank you for sharing all of this! What a treat to meet 'Man Repeller' in person and have that time with everyone. Sounds like you really gleaned so much. Excited for you and I can see why you are in the top select bloggers lady.
    Blessings, Lisa

  13. Jon Jenkins says:

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