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5 Bright Lipsticks that are Perfect for Summer.

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Now that the 4th of July is behind us and the rest of the summer is straight ahead, it’s time to venture out of our comfort zones and try things we most likely during the confines of winter would not do. Para sailing, rock climbing, tasting some form of chocolate covered bug, cut bangs and yes at the top of that list.. wear a really really bright lipstick..

Which luckily can be done simultaneously with all of the aforementioned.

Now I must warn you that not all brightly colored lips colors are created equal.  I for one have 2 rules when it comes to the brighter side if things.   
1. Matte is Best
2. Densely pigmented is a must
If these rules do not apply.. DO NOT BUY..  

With that said.. I have put together a list of  5 bright lipsticks that I adore that will get you through the summer and all those daredevil activities looking your very best.

Happy Shopping..


Bright Lips..

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