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One top. Two Ways..

 The Look
Top: Iris & Ink
Jeans: Wrangler
Shoes: TopShop (just as cute)
Photo’s: Brandon Espy Photography
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Now from the title of this post I know you may have been expecting me to work this top in two extraordinarily different ways.. probably to where it is virtually unrecognizable.  Don’t get me wrong I too often search out those posts that show you how to completely take one item and wear it so differently that no one would know that it was the top you wore yesterday.   This post is a bit more simple than that.

One Pair of jeans.  One simple white button up.  Two ways to wear it.  

Because sometimes one simple move does provide one simple change that will lead you in the total right direction.  Oh wow last sentence definitely had an unintentional double meaning.  Take all information as you will..

Okay allow me to give you a little back story.. on the look..

A few weeks ago  I walked into a store  amidst a nighttime walk in downtown LA with
the intention of simply just looking and I left with the cutest pair of
vintage jeans.   Vintage Wranglers to be exact.  Those vintage jeans got
me thinking about fashion and fashion trends throughout time. The 1950’s, 60’s and 80’s to be
exact.   Which then lead me to think about.. well.. remember when you were a kid and you
simply tied a knot into what ever shirt you were wearing at the time?  
That trend is back.. and there is no easier way to transform the simple top you wore yesterday in to the super cute look you wear today…  Ha.. This is sounding a bit walk of shame-ish.  Again take all information as you will.

The look.. Simple button up.. The trend.. Tie it up!

Well there you have it folks.. the quickest way to be on top of a super cute trend or walk a perfectly styish walk of shame.. .. take what you already have and tie it up.  Again take all information as you will!

Happy Friday!

Two ways…

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4 responses to “One top. Two Ways..”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh gorgeous tie top! Love those shoes and your jeans fit you perfectly! Gorgeous babe~

  2. Steal4 Style says:

    Love the two options! It's really a great top.


  3. Thanks for the styling inspo, love this blouse. Simplicity is key in my book 🙂


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