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How to Turn Your Trench Coat into a Dress..

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When summer comes around one of the things I love to do is shop pieces and make them work with duel purpose.  Summer makes that easy right.

Allow me a little back story..

It all stems from my mom.   When I was a wee young Taye, actually back then everyone called me  Ta Ta (pronounced Taye Taye).. So when I was a wee young Ta Ta,  my mom would always re-purpose pieces in her wardrobe.  A top would become a skirt, a coat would become a dress,  something would always and inevitably be flipped around and turned upside down to create a whole new look.

Now while I can’t say that I take it to the creative lengths of my mother,  I can say that I too have been bitten.  Bitten by the re-purpose bug.   I’d say that every once in a while, actually it’s a little bit  more than once in a while, I like a take an item of clothing and make it work as another item of clothing.  For example.. take a post from 2014 where I took a shirt from my grandpa’s closet and made it a skirt.. see the post HERE..

Okay enough down memory lane.. Let’s jump back into the post at hand.. 

This super cute not so typical boxy trench is perfect as a summer coat.   In fact it’s a summer staple.. but why not get two for one?  I took this light weight trench coat and said to myself.. “Self..this would be super cute as and comfy dress” .. and yes I actually said those words out loud.  Just add heels and you are off.

So go ahead,  start searching your closet for items that have duel purpose.. I guarantee you will find at least one.

Happy Tuesday!

Trench Dress..

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  1. Joy says:

    This is lovely! I love everything about the outfit.

  2. Abbey Bella says:

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