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7 Benefits of Chlorophyll

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If you have been following me on Snapchat you get to see my morning routine quite often.    It’s pretty basic.. wake up.. walk my pups.. and most days a little play by play of the various supplements that I currently take including my morning shot if Chlorophyll (commonly screenshot by my snapchat viewers)

Your screenshots got me thinking.. 
Although it’s been around since the beginning of time and I have actually been taking Chlorophyll on and off for years, I thought I would share the 7 benefits of the dark green liquid in simple terms..

But first..  so you have a general idea of what Chlorophyll is..  It’s what makes lettuce, kale and most green veggies green. 

 … and now the benefits..

1. Energy Booster
Chlorophyll rebuilds and oxygenates your red blood cells which intern gives you energy.
2. Body Deodorant
Chlorophyll helps to eliminate toxins that have built up in the body.. often those toxins cause bad breath and strange body odor.
3. Helps Control Cravings
Studies have shown that Chlorophyll helps stabilize blood sugar levels which can help control hunger and sugar cravings.
4. Aids in Digestion 
Notice that when you eat a salad it digests super fast?  That’s because leafy greens are full of Chlorophyll.
5. Antioxidant
Chlorophyll helps eliminate the free radicals we absorb daily.  In other words the pollutants we breath in just from the air alone need to be eliminated.
6. Anti inflammatory
Chlorophyll kills harmful bacteria in your body which is a huge cause of inflammation in the body.
7. Promotes Healing
Chlorophyll is a healer and immunity builder.  It builds your immunity to prevent against colds and rebuilds your body both inside and out to help you heal faster.

So now that you know the benefits of Chlorophyll,  here is how you can take it.   I take Chlorophyll every morning.   Sometimes I take two teaspoons in a shot glass filled with water.  Sometimes I add it it a bottle of water and sometimes I add it to a glass of cold almond milk with a little agave. 

Below are some of my faves

Talk to me.. What supplements are you currently loving and taking?

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