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The Comfy Twin Set..

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 Cardigan: Riller & Fount
Dress: Riller & Fount
Shoes: Senso
Backpack: Sorial
Choker: My Jewel Bar
Photo’s: Mike Paradise
Instagram: @TayeHansberry 
Twitter: @TayeHansberry

SnapChat: Taye Hansberry

Who doesn’t love a good set.  Anyone remember when twin sets where all the rage?  We were all walking around in matching baby tee’s and cardigans.. and I mean everybody.. from toddlers to 50 year old’s.

I have to say I’m all about a good twin set if it looks like this one.  Super comfy.  Very chic.  Literally no thought required.

I wore this little number last week for a day of meetings, previews and to.. wait for it… Buy a new car… Yay!!!  Yep.. I got a new set of wheels.. But because I am such a creature of habit when it comes to certain things I actually just got the newest model of the car I already had in a different color.  So technically I changed it up while staying exactly the same..  Haha!  Yep creature of habit..

Have a great weekend y’all..

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28 responses to “The Comfy Twin Set..”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this look on u

  2. Nice outfit you have here.

  3. Sadie Abby says:

    Never let a trend get in the way of creating a great outfit for yourself.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I love the way you have dresses up.
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  5. Inez Shutts says:

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  6. i am amazed to see your post. nice dressing

  7. Sorial Backpack is just amaze. This will added into my wishlist. Soon buy this. Happy and Excited for this. Thank you so much 🙂

  8. Lovely Revolve bunny shoes 🙂

  9. i can feel fabric virtually. is it cotton lycra ??

  10. Great look..Brown bag along with this outfit enhances your beauty.

  11. Simply amazing.. Beautiful look especially love this shoe. Thank you for sharing with us .

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  12. Lovely dress.
    Beautiful sandal.
    Wonderful pictures.

  13. m godil says:

    the combination of cardigan and dress is really amazing. Great choice…..

  14. Great design of Dress and Bags both Love it Thanks for sharing

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