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How One LBD and a Deleted Instagram Account Got Me Thinking..

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 The Look
Dress: Michael Stars
Choker: Mr. Kate
Booties: French connection
Sunglasses: Westward Leaning
Photos: Mike Paradise
Instagram: @TayeHansberry 

Twitter: @TayeHansberry
SnapChat: Taye Hansberry


I wasn’t going to tell you guys this… but I wore this dress literally everyday this past weekend… And every day that I wore it I had a slight anxiety.   Not about wearing the same thing three days in row.  Not about who I may run into more that once.  Not even about it just being sort of odd to re wear something an entire weekend when there is a closet full of perfectly amazing clean clothes at my disposal.

So why the anxiety?   Wait for it….


Allow me to explain…

My days are filled with posting to various social channels all day long.  So my worry was that some of you may think.. “is she wearing that again?”.. and “again?”.. and…. well you get the point.

At what point did I succumb to the whims of not doing something I really want to do because of social media?

A friend of mine decided to delete all of his social media accounts last week.  Without warning our paths in to his everyday life were all gone and it actually gave me a pit in my stomach.   I  thought something might be wrong..   Was he laying in a ditch somewhere?  Was he going through something terrible?

..And with those questions finally answered (he is indeed alive and ticking), the other questions started to roll into my mind.  Could I ever do that?    I actually couldn’t because my career revolves around it.   But if my career didn’t, could I take my life and remove it from the the minds of those I actually don’t know and may never meet?  Could I live without my “likes” and “comments” all aiding in he affirmation that I am indeed awesome?  Why can’t I just tell myself that I am awesome?  I mean that’s what we did before we made our lives public for the world to “opinionate” on right?  At least I did!   (That may also have been a bit of over confidence on my part)

Although Social media was born in the last decade.. I honesty can’t remember life without it..  Scary.. totally scary!

With all that said.. In 2016 could you live without social media?

Happy Wednesday!

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11 responses to “How One LBD and a Deleted Instagram Account Got Me Thinking..”

  1. tima borlak says:

    without the net, no. w/o social media, yes. i'd have to go back to texting and actual phone conversations…

  2. Anonymous says:

    You're fabulous! For working purposes, I don't think I could do it without social media… But I'm very addicted to Snapchat. I say don't let anyone make you feel uncomfortable for your amazing styling skills! Wear it up girl~

  3. Steal4 Style says:

    I could live without social media, but in my career it is important to know what is going on out there. I like instagram because it's inspiring, but I never post anything. That's just because I think nothing I could post is relevant enough that people would care about it.
    For the record, I have to say you look perfect in that dress. I understand why you would wear it every single day.


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