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Blogger collabs gone wild…

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 The Look

Tee: Velvet x Always Judging
Trousers: Line & Dot
Shoes: French Connection
Sunglasses: Made x Levi Stocke
Bag: Amalgam France
Jacket: Laer Brand

    Instagram: @TayeHansberry
Twitter: @TayeHansberry
SnapChat: Taye Hansberry

I adore a good blogger brand collaboration and am looking forward to the day when I do one with a brand I love.. but in the mean time.. let’s take this opportunity to support my fellow bloggers/influencers in their super cute endeavors with brands I love. 

This is all about the Stuff I Like.. 

Bloggers doing amazing things with incredible brands and me wearing Black on Black yet again.. Ha!  I would not be me if I did not acknowledge it.

With that said I have been asked the same question quite a bit lately..

“What makes a great outfit?”

..and with a little time to ponder this here are my thoughts..

A great outfit is not necessarily fancy or out there or casual or expensive or…  you are getting the point right?  There are days when your outfit will be great and days when your outfit will just be okay.. it’s all in the way you wear it.  For me lately I tend to love my looks when they are quite monochromatic and simple.   Simple pieces that come together to create a look.. 

Example here.. All black.. if you break this look down all I am really wearing is Tee shirt, a pair of slacks, pumps, a leather jacket and black sunglasses.  All pieces that individually really don’t seem to WOW..  but put together actually make heads turn.  I got stopped at least 5 times the day I wore this  by people on the street telling me how much they loved my look.

The moral of the story …  yes I know.. I am getting to it…

When you are standing in front of your closet.. or that heap of clothes piled on that chair… or  in my case more often than not…the pile of clothes on the floor (SMH)… just know that you don’t have to kill yourself looking for the coolest most “fashiony”  pieces..  because simple sunnies and a tee will often suffice.

 Check both these awesome blogger out:
Levi Stocke (  Courtney Trop (

Simple will Suffice..

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8 responses to “Blogger collabs gone wild…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm in love with the new Always Judging teeshirt collection and am so happy to see you sporting her gorgeous design! Stunning outfit, always love your fashion insight~

  2. Steal4 Style says:

    Totally agree with you! I love you wearing black in black! You look always gorgeous, even when your outfit isn't fancy or casual, it is.


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